This book project started in the mid 1980s just after the London Nuclear Warfare Tribunal held in January 1985. After the Tribunal it was decided to create a book giving a summary of the Tribunal including key relevant points of international law, the tribunal judgment and recommendations, and summaries of those behind the Tribunal including judges, supporting organizations and individuals for sponsoring it.

The editions of this book are:

  • 1st edition 1989 entitled The Bomb and the Law edited by Geoffrey Darnton with the support of several committee members along with Richard Falk and Sean MacBride in particular helping with the legal content.
  • 2nd edition 2015 entitled Nuclear Weapons and International Law. This was published in part as the first edition had gone out of print and there were many requests fo be able to obtain it. The International Court of Justice had delivered its Advisory Opinion in 1996 abd it was time for a major update.
  • 3rd edition - the current edition. This is a major update following some key updates in the law such as the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty and other relevant legal changes. The opportunity was taken to include details of several key United Nations General Assembly resolutions, along with several key treaties. Several chapters are new and several have updates. In particular there is increased emphasis on the legal liability of individuals by a detailed discussion of the Nuremberg Principles and their application to individuals, decision makers, financiers, and so forth. A goal is to make this key legal material available at a price much lower than common legal book prices. This was published on 8th August 2020, the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Nuremberg Charter.

Taking the book forward will involve:

  • A sister book about the Nuremberg Principles
  • Developing this website
  • Developing a sister website for a Nuclear Weapons Register to log individuals, companies and others who are suspected of involvement with nuclear weapons and should be investigated further.
  • Provide an online platform for people to discuss the issues raised in the book
  • Start work on the 4th edition

This website provides a platform for participation in discussing issues raised by the book and to provide channels to those involved in its further development.

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