If this is your first visit to this book website, hopefully you already have the book as a key resource to understand the key principles of international law which apply to nuclear weapons.

Explore the site and what it has to offer. Register to be able to participate in the discussions. Newtwork with others working in the field.

Part of the website is being developed as a discussion forum for readers to see a variety of topics currently being discussed along with the opportunity to participate.

From the home page you have easy access to a menu ofr key themes discussed in the book. There is also a menu giving access to key treaties and United Nations resolutions relted to nuclear weapons.

Have a look at the associated website, Nuclear Weapons Register, set up to identify individuals, companies, organizations, government departments, financiers, manufactures and so forth, of nuclear weapons. Use that site to disclose any onformation you have about those involved with nuclear weapons, or those working towards the abolition of nuclear weapons.

It is hope that in the future the website will have a learning platform to deliver learning and nuclear weapons and international law.

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