Welcome to the website associated with the book Nuclear Weapons and International Law - 3rd edition published on 8th August 2020, the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Nuremberg Charter which was a major development of international law bringing individuals within the scope of international penal law; no longer can individuals involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity, and several other violations of international law hide behind states, alliances, superior order, religion, and so forth.

This book website provides a platform to discuss legal aspects of nuclear weapons. Enjoy exploring the contents and participating in a variety of activities.

To use the Discussion Forum, click on 'Discussion Forum' in the top menu. Then when you enter the Forum, click on Index to see the current list of topics. To participate fully in the Forum, Register at the site.

This website and forum are under development and planned updates should happen by the end of October 2020. All ideas and suggestions welcome.

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